Domestic (No Crime) 12/02/2022Adult MaleInvolveDomestic (No Crime) 12/02/2022Assoc. Burglar Alarm 01/30/2023 PublicNarrative An alarm was reported at 4839 McMasters. After arriving in Hannibal, it was converted into crack cocaine for distribution, primarily at an open-air drug market in the area of the 2000 block of Gordon Street in Hannibal, Missouri. In aHerald-Whiginterview published after the February 2010 airing of the show, she said Blackwell would never hurt her daughter. 911 Open Line, HANNIBAL, Mo. The official narrative from the PPD has evolved over the years. Especially since she started the evening in the company of friends. A woman said she even spent time with Whittaker in a local mental hospital where the traumatized, missing girl related details about her life as a forced sex worker. 12/02/2022 PublicNarrative Disturbance reported on N 11th. Upon arrival, police determined that Jon R. Morton, 37, of Hannibal had been involved in a disturbance and was inside of his apartment. The presidency of Abraham Lincoln began on March 4, 1861, when Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated as the 16th president of the United States, and ended upon his assassination and death on April 15, 1865, 42 days into his second term. For work these days, John is a Principal at Brown County Quick Lube And Tire. Albert Higdon Chief at Hannibal-LaGrange University Ralls County, Missouri, United States. Some would say her case has gone cold. The night began at Rookie's, located at 611 Broadway, on the east side of town. U.S. Attorney's Office, Eastern District of Missouri, Law Enforcement Officer Safety Initiative, Nine People Arrested Involving Hannibal Drug Trafficking Conspiracy, Man Admits Methamphetamine Sales, Gun Charge, St. Louis Man Indicted on Drug and Gun Charges, Two Indicted After Drug Shipment Intercepted on Interstate 44 in St. Louis County. Traffic Hazard 12/12/2022 PublicNarrative Traffic hazard was reported at McMasters Ave and Arapaho. Turning right or left could result in falling off a ledge into the river, especially when drunk and disoriented. Why didn't police learn of her disappearance sooner? Whittaker never showed up. Christina Whittaker hasn't been seen or heard from since November 13, 2009. 2023-002527, 02/09/2023 @ 05:26:43, 3902 Evans St , HannibalNature of Complaint911 Hang UpOfficer, 2023-002455, 02/08/2023 @ 00:11:38, 216 Huck Finn Shopping , HannibalNature of ComplaintRepossessed VehicleOfficer Assigned035 Tripp, A M Entered By035 Tripp, A MAdult FemaleInvolveRepo Vehicle 02/08/2023AdultCompl. - A Columbia, Missouri, man and a Moberly, Mo., woman have been indicted by a federal grand jury for their roles in a conspiracy to commit armed robbery at four business and two banks in six different cities. Driver was issued a warning for defective lights and citations for no proof of insurance and no, 2023-003664, 03/01/2023 @ 00:25:22, 100 Shinn Ln , HannibalNature of ComplaintVOIDOfficer Assigned016 Fredrick, J A Entered ByC74 Harp, A LAdult FemaleCompl. 2023-000677, 01/12/2023 @ 00:05:14,, HANNIBAL, Mo. A warrant was issued on Saturday for Justin Sims, 32, after Anthony Migel Miller, 24, was found in the alley west, HANNIBAL, Mo. Traffic stop at Stardust Dr and Munger Ln for speed. Driver issued citation and released. 2023-001857, 01/30/2023 @ 01:23:41, Market St Lindell, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned022 Benn, D J Entered ByC67 Chavez, M BGAdult, 2023-001818, 01/29/2023 @ 02:28:37, 1811 Pleasant St , HannibalNature of Complaint911 Open LineOfficer Assigned036 Uppinghouse, D M Entered ByC46 Reynolds, S MAdultCompl. Listen 23:45. Fires/Alarms 12/27/2022AdultInvolveFires/Alarms 12/27/2022 PublicNarrative Assist agency at 3939 McMasters. 11/17/2022 PublicNarrative Animal complaint on 30th St. 2022-021381, 11/17/2022 @ 06:08:41, 1911 30Th , HannibalNature of ComplaintVOIDOfficer Assigned030 Mathews, V W Entered ByC69 Helton, C B PublicNarrative Void. Of course, hindsight proves 20/20, as they say. St. Louis County Circuit Court Presiding Judge Michael Burton Resigns! There have been reported sightings of Christina Whittaker in Peoria, Illinois,adding fuel to the speculation about her vanishing. 2023-000483, 01/09/2023 @ 03:24:31, 9600 Highway 168 block, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned031 Kuhlman-Pfeiffer,, 2023-000453, 01/08/2023 @ 00:06:04, 2300 Spruce St BLK, HannibalNature of ComplaintInformationOfficer Assigned031 Kuhlman-Pfeiffer, Z W Entered ByC74 Harp, A LAdultInvolveInformation 01/08/2023Adult FemaleContactInformation 01/08/2023Adult MaleInvolveInformation 01/08/2023 PublicNarrative Information reported on Spruce St. 2023-000454, 01/08/2023 @ 00:35:28, 716 Hickory St , HannibalNature of ComplaintDomestic DelayedOfficer Assigned040 Hoebing, J M Entered ByC67 Chavez, M BGAdult MaleInvolveProperty, 2023-000422, 01/07/2023 @ 07:38:08, 415 Bird St , HannibalNature of ComplaintCheck Well BeingOfficer Assigned045 Bergman, C M Entered By2635 Bounds, H WAdult FemaleCompl. She says HPD has interviewed more than 200 people in connection with the investigation, including individuals incarcerated for other crimes. A Hannibal man is in the Marion County Jail after he was arrested for using a handgun to shoot at and wound a 60-year-old man. By Ann Pierceall Herald-Whig Staff Writer HANNIBAL, Mo. A Hannibal man was arrested Sunday morning after a lengthy disturbance at an apartment complex. Young waited until Sunday to file a missing person report. Pic credit: Family pic from The Charley Project . People who live in Hannibal generally consider the west part of the city to be the safest. In an interview with Theda Person for "Christian Ferguson Looking for an Angel" in January 2021, Young discussed the trafficking narrative, disclosing new details based on alleged street interviews in Peoria. Sign up here and use the promo code CORRUPTION for a 25% discount on your membership. Cindy Young described her daughter as mentally fragile, nave, and prone to childlike behavior,as reported byTrue Case Files. Driver released with a citation. Every defendant is presumed to be innocent unless and until proven guilty. 911 Hang Up 12/03/2022 PublicNarrative 911 Hang up 100 N 11th St Apt 613. -- Darin Eugene Logue, 47, of Hannibal, Mo., passed away at 4:33 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020, at his home. 2022-023870, 12/30/2022 @ 01:43:01, US 61 NB Clinic Rd, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic ComplaintOfficer AssignedALL All Cars Entered ByC52 Holley, B PAdultCompl. The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 57: Why Doesnt Anna Duggar Just Leave? 2023-002280, 02/05/2023 @ 00:49:11, 408 Center St G, HannibalNature of ComplaintInformationOfficer Assigned040 Hoebing, J M Entered ByC84 Davenport, K JAdult, 2023-002229, 02/04/2023 @ 00:07:48, 1723 D St , HannibalNature of Complaint911 Hang UpOfficer Assigned031 Kuhlman-Pfeiffer, Z W Entered ByC62 Potter, L MAdultVictim911 Hang Up 02/04/2023Adult MaleInvolve911 Hang Up 02/04/2023Adult FemaleSuspect911 Hang Up Administratively Closed 02/04/2023 PublicNarrative 911 Hang up reprted on D St. 2023-002230, 02/04/2023 @ 02:11:27, US 61 James Rd, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic, 2023-002166, 02/03/2023 @ 04:10:08, 708 Birch St , HannibalNature of ComplaintCivil DisputeOfficer Assigned039 Lakenburger, C M Entered ByC46 Reynolds, S MAdult MaleInvolveCivil Dispute 02/03/2023Adult FemaleCompl. Nicole B. Chestnutt, 36, of Hannibal, was arrested and placed on a 24-hour hold. Assistant United States Attorney Amanda Wick is handling the case for the U.S. Attorneys Office. False Alarm 01/09/2023AdultSuspectFalse Alarm Administratively Closed 01/09/2023 PublicNarrative Alarm reported at the Huck Finn Shopping Center. In Delaware, lawmakers have proposed significant reforms to the state's law enforcement bill of rights, including opening police misconduct records to the public, forming civilian review boards. Driver issued citation and released. "Police officers were hired and fired at the whim of local politicians," said Ken Novak, a professor of criminal justice at the University of Missouri-Kansas City . 911 Hang Up, 2023-003081, 02/18/2023 @ 00:43:04, 3125 Palmyra Rd , HannibalNature of ComplaintCheck Well BeingOfficer Assigned031 Kuhlman-Pfeiffer, Z W Entered ByC61 Jaworski, J MAdult MaleCompl. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. Burglar Alarm 01/19/2023AdultInvolveBurglar Alarm 01/19/2023 PublicNarrative Alarm 2959 Palmyra Rd. No one has seen her in Hannibal since. QUINCY Quincy Police started executing a search warrant Wednesday morning at 1641 Hampshire, the home of the estranged husband QUINCY Adam Yates, chief of the Quincy Police Department, said hes making no apologies for being tight-lipped about the Daily Dirt for Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023 I'm sure we're thinking the same thing when reading this: What if these QUINCY A man on a motorcycle was killed Sunday night when the motorcycle he was driving collided with a SPRINGFIELD, Ill. A federal jury returned guilty verdicts on Thursday, Feb. 23 against Kelsey Hickman, 31, of Quincy, Ill. Hannibal man arrested after Sunday morning disturbance in apartment, Probable cause statements report details of the death of Taurean Snoddy, OPINION: Murder victims have names, so stop hiding them, Hannibal man arrested in connection to death of man found Wednesday night in middle of Lyon Street, Hannibal woman arrested after investigation into sale of fentanyl, Hannibal man facing second-degree murder charges claims man he shot had threatened to 'stomp his face in', Three arrested in Hannibal after attempted burglary of home, Hannibal man allegedly uses car to strike officer, patrol vehicle, then flees scene before arrest, Hannibal man charged with second-degree murder after allegedly shooting man to death Saturday morning, Hannibal man jailed after allegedly hitting occupied car with machete, Hannibal man facing second-degree assault charge after wounding 60-year-old man with handgun, Don't throw my Taser, bro: Hannibal man arrested following scuffle, Hannibal man arrested for felony abuse or neglect after 1-year-old with broken bones is examined at hospital, CLUB MUDDY: 'Pay heem. Braden Chestnutt, 19, Chad Elliott, 20, Dakota Laster, 23 and Damien McCulley, 25 all of Hannibal, were charged Jan. 28 with charges of second-degree murder and first-degree assault. 535 Maine, Suite 4A And there's no way to gauge how Whittaker behaved that night apart from eyewitness testimony. A Hannibal man is being held without bond in the Marion County Jail after he was arrested for allegedly hitting an occupied car with a machete. How Young, who was out of town at the time (via the "Steve Wilkos Show"), came by this information, she hasn't explained. Eyewitness accounts contradict each other. Check Well Being 01/07/2023Adult MaleInvolveCheck Well Being 01/07/2023 PublicNarrative Check well being reported at 415 Bird St. 2023-000423, 01/07/2023 @ 07:58:52, Huckleberry Park , HannibalNature of ComplaintPark Patrol- HuckOfficer Assigned076 Munday, D, 2023-000353, 01/06/2023 @ 06:03:00, Chestnut St EB Levering Ave, HannibalNature of ComplaintSuspicious PersonOfficer Assigned020 Jobe, J B Entered ByC84 Davenport, K JAdult FemaleCompl. He started driving to her location to help her and was passed by a truck going suspiciously fast; he turned around to pursue it. 2023-003233, 02/21/2023 @ 07:03:12, 714 Birch St , HannibalNature of Complaint911 Hang UpOfficer Assigned018 Combs, J P Entered ByC47 Wallace, S BAdultCompl. Whistleblowers can submit information by emailing, calling toll-free 1-800-347-8597 or using an online reporting form here. Inexplicably, her friends refused to leave with her. 2022-022709, 12/11/2022 @ 00:44:02, 4419 McMasters Ave , HannibalNature of ComplaintAlarm BurglarOfficer Assigned040 Hoebing, J M, HANNIBAL, Mo. The bulk of the city is in Marion County, with a tiny sliver in the south extending into Ralls County. The disappearance of Christina Whittaker from Hannibal, Missouri, is the subject of a new true-crime docuseries on discovery+ titled "Relentless." It details a filmmaker's obsession with. Darin was born Oct. 16, 1972, in Quincy . Thomas Eagleton U.S. In addition to criminal charges, the indictment also seeks forfeiture of three vehicles and three pieces of property located in Hannibal, Missouri. Driver released with a citation. In an expos of human trafficking published in Peoria Magazines in May 2018, Carol Merna presents a different picture: "Millions of women, men and children around the world including here in central Illinois are modern-day slaves. 2023-003511, 02/26/2023 @ 00:26:06, US 61 James Rd, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned036 Uppinghouse, D M Entered ByC67 Chavez,, 2023-003438, 02/25/2023 @ 02:26:32, 401 N 3Rd 231, HannibalNature of ComplaintNoise ComplaintOfficer Assigned045 Bergman, C M Entered ByC46 Reynolds, S MAdult FemaleCompl. Why they didn't pick up the phone remains unexplained. Officers arrived on scene and determined a male, Jon, 2023-003012, 02/17/2023 @ 02:09:24, US 61 James Rd, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned036 Uppinghouse, D M Entered ByC85 Venker, M S PublicNarrative Traffic stop for speed on US-61 near James Rd. The Hannibal Police Department said detectives determined the woman lived near where she was found. Patricia Blackwell received the news no parent wants to hear on the night of Jan. 25. The ongoing investigation into family court corruption across the U.S. is racking up so many columns that it needs its own catalog page. But again, there's more to this true crime tale than meets the eye. Family Court Judge Unlawfully Imprisoned, Terrorized Americas Got Talent Stars, St. Louis Media Finally Breaks Its Wall of Silence on Massive Judicial Scandal But Still Manages to Water it Down. MISSOURI POLICE AND SHERIFFS CONTACTS To report any changes with contact information, please e-mail us. Domestic (No Crime) 01/15/2023Adult MaleAssoc. Burgess did discuss the possible police sighting. Name Position Agency Date; Anderson, William H. Patrolman: St. Louis Police Dept. The arrest stems from an on-going two (2) month criminal investigation regarding photographing and videotaping an underaged juvenile. The film follows an insight into the country's law enforcement and it captures a big call about Filipino politics - split between two corrupt police officers who we both follow to varying degrees; a wife beater and a corrupt officer - Hermes (John Lloyd Cruz), and Macabanty (Ronnie Lazaro), once student and master - turned against each . Officers with the Hannibal Police Department were dispatched at 12:17 a.m. Saturday to a business in the 600 block of Broadway for a report of a shot fired. Suggest an edit! Officers found a total of 8.5 kilograms of suspected fentanyl, 25.7 kilograms of suspected methamphetamine and 1.2 kilos of suspected ketamine. This case was investigated by multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, the West Central Illinois Drug Task Force, Quincy Police Department, Troy Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriffs Office, Adams County Sheriffs Office, Hannibal Police Department and the Northeast Missouri Narcotics Task Force. The homeowner provided a description of the vehicle that fled the area of their, 2023-000222, 01/04/2023 @ 00:24:21, 215 S 8Th , HannibalNature of ComplaintInformationOfficer Assigned041 Borgmeyer, J R Entered ByC52 Holley, B PAdult MaleCompl.
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