We would skip class and work setting up the stages for free admission and backstage passes. Hello? Can you believe it? This might have swelled a lesser man's head, but for Brennan, it was all about connecting with the listeners. One show in particular stands out. Johnny Cash. Now sales manager for a Dothan radio station, Moody fondly remembers working as a teenager at a 1959 WBAM concert featuring singer Connie Francis. In the 1950s and '60s, Montgomery, Alabama, was ground zero for many of the major events central to the civil rights movement in this country. Procedimientos. Joplin died on Oct. 4, 1970. Some of the items will go on exhibit starting Thursday at the Alabama. I missed a bunch more, though!". Via a longstanding partnership with the Benns family, the Brennans also extended theirreach to Chattanooga, the home of WFLI-AM. I have such fond memories of coming to Alabama. Hes been a school principal and now sells wholesale art, although business has been suffering due to the economy. In the spring of 1968, we played the Big Bam Spring show in Montgomery and were seen by a producer from Hollywood named Bob Hinkle. ", From bamamaam: "What about the lynyrd skynyrd concert at rickwood field in the '70's.? Patsy Cline Performs Her Final Show Country Music Memories; Most Wanted Music: 2023's Country and Americana Album Releases; Follow Us. Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): Tommy, I'm in Montgomery, Alabama. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. He and his wife live north of Prattville in a 1930s shack, have three grown children and are expecting their first grandchild. Cyril Brennan, who received a Top Program Director award from Billboard Magazine, is retired and lives in Pike Road. Keith Richards was almost electrocuted when his guitar grounded on a mic. Go to the Archives It was just the coolest thing.". ", "I don't know if it has been mentioned yet, but for the Alabama Theater I would definitely include Warren Zevon's show in, what?.1986 or '87?, said earman1. We'll have to ask him. The station is locally owned and operated by Bluewater Broadcasting Company, LLC. Respi Mee Sup Sabahiiat. It's not like now, where they have secret tunnels and drive right into the auditorium.". "We never had a flop," Brennan says, "but we had some shows that were a little bit bigger than others. Many who danced the night away to the Rockin Gibraltars or who nursed a beer and smoked a cigarette listening to Harmony, recall those days with particular fondness and with nostalgia for a time that wont likely return. And if we hadn't had (Hurricane Dora), we would have made a lot of money. WBAM Big Bam Shows 7,142 views Nov 21, 2010 One of the big hit singers of the 60's and 70's working on a bit with me for a TV show..a little behind the scenes..Bobby is involved with art. said donnna. . Formed: 1963, Troy. the tall man aboriginal spirit; metadata api request failed: component conversion failed: file_ended; caleb foote sandlot But theres not a whole lot of money because theres no place for them to play. Mosley tribes Lyndel . Instead, the concert was held at the Gator Bowl under the auspices of the Brennans Jacksonville station WAPE, the Big APE. ", From dassani: "I was there Could not have been better! Classics such as Midnight Hour, (Wilson Pickett), Knock on Wood (Eddie Floyd), and Mr. Edgar Winter Group with the Frankenstein tour," said Rick Allen. They moved to LA, minus Grier whod gotten married and had a new baby and didnt want to move. It made me feel good in a way, he said. Patsy Cline. The band also played Birmingham in May 1977, according to this story by Madison Underwood. We try to introduce people to music maybe they werent aware of. Signature song includes Both Sides of the Road, about Perdido Bay, written by Ham Wilson. Both concerts were sold out. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your Privacy Choices and Rights (each updated 1/26/2023). The Carpenters. Tickets cost $3 apiece. Anybody remember that one? The concert series started around 1960 with such stars as Fabian and Brenda Lee. Lowell George in his prime," says Bingothatwuzagoody. That was a lot of money. Still, for radio listeners who tuned into WVOK back in the day, Brennan will always be Dan the Music Man. truly historic happening. Music you could dance to The Temptations and The Supremes, The TCB Tour, Auburn University, 1972. It was elbow to elbow in there, remembered drummer Tommy Beavers. ", Also on his list: "Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, and Jesse Colin Young and The Youngbloods, Legion Field, sometime in the 70's. Famous quotes containing the words historical and/or videos: It is amazing to think that was 41 years ago. Gate Band In Birmingham, we know of only one man who's had the honor: Dan Brennan, a former radio host, station manager, concert promoter and prime moverat WVOK-AM. From 1963 to 73 the Big BAM shows and their counterpart in Birmingham, the Shower of Stars shows, presented four concerts a year. Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis were on the bill, said Whitwam of their first performance at Garrett Coliseum. Both stations played Top 40 hits of the day, and the concerts were the Brennans' gifts to a loyal radio audience. Moody also got to do his share of transporting stars, taking them to the Diplomat Inn, owned by Bill Brennan, older brother of Cyril and Dan and a partner in WBAM and WAPE. But in the minds of Alabama listeners, WVOK and WBAM ruled supreme, and the stations were closely linked by their concert series. One big favorite, however, appears to be a '70s date at Legion Field. Whitwam, now in his 47th year playing music, is pleased with the makeup of their current audiences. After helping escort her safely away from an unruly crowd, she rewarded him with a big kiss. 2. George Cumuze, RN, Case Manager 4150 Carmichael Court Montgomery, AL 36106 334-270-2274. show . Hank Williams was another frequent live on-air performer. "There was a little office backstage, and I remember seeing my father and uncles back there with a security guard," Bartoletti says. Louise Brennan, Cyril's wife, at the Beatles' press conference in Jacksonville. Any of the Yes shows in Birmingham! One of the Beach Boys told me it was the biggest talent show hed ever been in!. This doesn't even scratch the surface! The Beach Boys were fresh-faced headliners that night, riding high on the success of hits such as "I Get Around," "Surfer Girl," "Surfin' U.S.A,""Help Me, Rhonda" and "California Girls." Big Bam Show. In the 1960's WVOK, in Birmingham Alabama, would have the top bands play at one huge concert. "Little Feat at Boutwell mid 70s. Four dates per year were standard -- in winter, spring, summer and fall -- and total attendance topped out at 15,000 people for each three-show stint in Birmingham. Tickets were priced at$1.50-$5.50 per show, Brennan says, and artists' fees usually ran about $300-$7,500 per act. It would be tough going back to ballrooms and small clubs after this. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Uploaded 11 years ago Music 4; Photos 0; Interview . I dont feel like well have any problem (remembering their songs). Its a good bet theyll play some Steely Dan, Crosby, Stills & Nash, a favorite, Sweet Magnolia, and Bill Hinds rendition of Joe Walshs Rocky Mountain Way.. They were a staple at dances for years, packing National Guard armories, gymnasiums, and teen clubs from Montgomery to Opp and Troy, and college campuses at Tuscaloosa, Auburn and Ole Miss. Search the Largest Online Newspaper Archive. Cyril's wife Louise would make us outfits for the Shower of Stars, and we'd have on these big bell bottoms. Rich Thomas Weather. As a result, Captain and Tennille declined ABC's offer to do a second season. Paul Revere & the Raiders. Tickets to these shows were typically $3 to $4. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. The father of six and grandfather of two currently lives in Montgomery and plays with the Bama Breeze Band. The Troggs. Canned Heat. The Four Seasons. That way I could see the stars and hear the music better. More on the Grateful Dead's 1995 shows in Birmingham, from AL.com's "Lost Stories" series. big bam shows montgomery, alabamasmart search field in safari. By the time they came to get us we were pretty shozzeled.. The Alabama band was the organizer and centerpiece, raising money for charity. by Lenore Reese Vickrey: photos by the Brennan Family, Lenore Vickrey, As the arena began to fill up, you could hear the noise of the crowd from backstage. I tasted my first grits there my very first grit (laughs). (Photo courtesy of the Brennan family). Here, then, is a readers' choice list of 31 awesome concerts in Alabama, culled from email, Facebook and comments on the original post. In Montgomery, music was the Big Bam show put on at Garrett Coliseum by WBAM, and there I saw Neil Diamond, the Buckinghams, Tommy James and the Shondells. There were a lot of fun people.. Many of the artists told me these were the biggest shows theyd ever done.. Thats not to say Montgomery area favorite bands cant be seen any more. Clayton, Hayward and Gradney. WBAM Big Bam Shows; Dan's Dusty Discs WBAM; WBAM Pictures; Read more about this topic: WBAM-FM, History. Hal Hodgens of WVOK is second from left. ", All three Brennan brothers were ambitious businessmen who worked as a team. WBAM was a powerhouse at 50,000 watts, covering much of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.From its earliest days, WBAM put on concerts for the Montgomery area. . Fees for the other acts were in the $300-$400 range, he says. So I went out and introduced Bobby Edwards, and he sang songs, and I came back about half an hour later, and I said, 'Now, here's Bobby Edwards!' WMSP (740 AM, Sports Radio 740) is a radio station licensed to serve Montgomery, Alabama, USA. The station is owned by Cumulus Media and the broadcast license is held by Cumulus Licensing LLC. We got started because of the Beatles, said Jimbo Jones, longtime singer and guitarist with Harmony, one of the most popular bands to come out of Montgomery that played in the mid to late 70s at Keglers Kove, the lounge at Bama Lanes. "Times have changed so," said a wistful Peek, the Shower of Stars devotee. The audience was huge, sold out, 10,000 or more. He also helped to choose and line up some of the concert talent. Sweet Young Uns The 7 p.m.show-- billedas a music battle between the England and the United States-- also includedtheRighteous Brothers, Marty Robbins, Sonny James, Skeeter Davis, Del Reeves, Archie "Rindercella" Campbell and Cannibal and the Headhunters. "I remember the Rolling Stones came up to me, and they said, 'You don't really expect us to get into the same RV that the Beach Boys are in, do you?' We'd get hamburgers and bring them back, with someone always holding our place. . If you were a teenager in south-central Alabama in the 1960s, chances are you danced the jerk, flirted with that cute boy, or made out in the corner of the high school gym to the music of a live band of local erstwhile musicians. A real commercial from the 60's with announcer Bill J Moody .Exciting times as a teen.growing up in Montgomery. She came back a few minutes later and absolutely blasted a massive bongo solo. To be honest, Brennan doesn't precisely recall what he said to the audience that evening, just before the mop-topped John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr took the stage. Bobby Dupree (L) and Sonny Grier of the Rockin' Gibraltars. The Beatles were paid a fee of $50,000 -- a hefty sum in those days, Brennan says -- and in the thick of the civil rights movement, the band's contract specified that they wouldn't perform for a segregated audience. For this little kid from Wetumpka, that was a big, big deal, he said. Then another. "Excuse me---did I miss the ROLLING STONES STEEL WHEELS TOUR??????????????????" He was replaced by Johnny Townsend from Tuscaloosa, who was living with Duane and Gregg Allman in LA. December 3, 1955-As an extra Bonus..here's the advertisement for sister station WBAM, Montgomery, AL, when the very young Elvis Presley appeared. And they accepted it, but we did get the total amount of the gate that came in. I was very happy with doing the work I did. I think he could call his own shots.". Things changed a little bit after that. BB King's penultimate show at the Alabama (sitting but still playing and not drifting into non sequitur land). Big Bam Show Montgomery, Al 1960s F.U.N. Notable TV and Radio personality Jimmy Carter (from Montgomery, Alabama) has assembled a few videos featuring some photos, jingles, and air checks of WBAM in its heyday. (L-R) Bob Corley, David Headley, Cary Green, Jeffery Johnson, Bob Pike, John Key. The Quad show was FREE! Were a dance band.. This book takes a thought-provoking, even-handed look at those days from the perspective of a typical white kid growing up in Montgomery during that . 2023 Advance Local Media LLC. Big Bam All-Star Spring Show Setlists Apr 8 1967 Date Saturday, April 8, 1967 Venue Garrett Coliseum, Montgomery, AL, USA So far there are setlists of 9 gigs Saturday, April 8, 1967 Garrett Coliseum, Montgomery, AL Blues Magoos Brian Hyland Lou Christie The Buckinghams The Casinos The Electric Prunes The Royal Guardsmen The Turtles Capital Cool. Saw them at the University of Alabama home coming in 1978 as well. Brennanleft the radio business for good in 1982. Roy Orbison. blues show montgomery, al 2021. guildford school of acting auditions; gilroy google font alternative; cuisinart steamer insert; Blog Post Title February 26, 2018. I said, 'Elvis, I'm sorry, but we can't accommodate you, because it is his show.' TheRolling Stones were closing the gap quickly, though, with a tougher, bluesier songbook that included "The Last Time," "Play With Fire" and "Time Is On My Side." According to Dan, the only surviving brother, it was Bill's decision to offer$50,000 to the Beatles for their appearance at the Gator Bowl. The group recorded a few songs at Muscle Shoals FAME Studios, played around the Los Angeles area with big name bands like Vanilla Fudge and Three Dog Night, and once opened for Jimi Hendrix. Top (l-r), Keith Brewer, Ed Sanford and Sonny Grier. "You didn't have to know anything about guitar to realize that he was one of the best ever to take the stage. When Peter Noone left Hermans Hermits in 1971, Hermits drummer Barry Whitwam keep going, and today continues to lead his own Hermans Hermits band (as does Noone performing as Hermans Hermits starring Peter Noone). Think it was 1977," says Craigmo. A license for the station was issued in 1952. Dan Brennan at the mic introducing the Beatles at their Gator Bowl appearance in Jacksonville, Florida. By today's standards, his solution to the latter problemseems charmingly old-school. ", From Cobb: "Buckingham Nicks in Morgan Auditorium Tuscaloosa Alabama Fall 1973.". That was one of my first big gigs - the Big BAM shows! Our four-piece horn section sets us apart, said Key. If possible, the Brennans liked to present the same lineup of artists in all three cities over a single weekend, offering three shows in Birmingham for the Shower of Stars, one in Montgomery for the Big BAM and one in Jacksonville for the Big APE. Wed have them in the spring, summer, fall and winter, said Dan Brennan, known on-air as Dan the Music Man hosting Dans Dusty Discs, who also announced acts on-stage. There was this woman who was playing the bongos who literally passed out playing. Competition was evident between the two bands, Brennan says, as the Beach Boys returned for their splashiest date at the Shower of Stars, and the Stones made theirBirmingham debut on their first U.S. tour. "We all felt very privileged," Bartoletti says. Yet there was also a gentler side of the city that is rarely revealed within the pages of history texts. I also went to one free concert on the old Quad (Woods Hall) in the late 60s that featured Linda Ronstadt (backed up by the Eagles).
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