They complained that shows featuring Black casts always portrayed Black people as poor, reinforcing some stereotypes even as they undermined others. As noted by BET, The Jeffersons was a consistently high-rated showonly the second sitcom with a majority Black cast to land in the Top Five of the Nielsen Ratings, in fact. WebThe Jeffersons: Created by Norman Lear, Don Nicholl, Michael Ross, Bernard West. The series was centered on the Jeffersons' housekeeper, Florence, who takes a job as cleaning management at a hotel. As BET reports, it was the first TV show to directly address suicide in an episode where Florence the housekeeper falls into a depression and contemplates ending her life. As groundbreaking as The Jeffersons was in terms of depicting Black America on the small screen, it still earns criticism for some of its choices. As noted by The New York Times, the ostensible reason given was that he was uncomfortable walking into a white man's house, setting up the character as a foil for Archie Bunker's racism. The sitcoms breakout star was Jimmie J.J. Walker, with his trademark phrase Dy-no-mite!. MeTV points out that it was the first situation comedy on prime time television to depict a transgender characterGeorge's old Navy pal Eddie, revealed to now be Edie. The misadventures of Florence Johnson, a hotel maid who was previously seen serving the Jeffersons. The episode marked the final appearance of Henry throughout the series. is Movin' On Up to a 'Season 7' Separate Release! To make matters worse, when the show finally debuted on CBS, it was largely ignored by the public. Factory. WebIn 1975, George Jefferson was eager to move out of Queens. Sherman Hemsley even appeared in the premiere. The location is the only concrete link fromAll in the Familyto the series, but it's a strong one despite the fact that704 Hauserwas only on the air for five episodes. Communications Company from 19751982 and by Embassy Television from 19821985. The cast reunited in a stage play based on the sitcom. Lionel is introduced in the pilot, and is a core cast member for season one. It was surprisingly thoughtful on issues of race and class within the confines of a broad comedy in prime time national television. J".[25]. You would be, too, if your neighbor was Archie Bunker. WebSpun-off from The Jeffersons (1975) This spin-off of The Jeffersons came out about 8 years before Marla Gibbs' second series, "227." Checking In lasted only four episodes, after which Florence returned to The Jeffersons with the story that the hotel had burned down in a fire. Similar to its parent sitcom, All in the Family, the Jeffersons explored controversial issues such as alcoholism, racism, suicide, being transgender, and much more, certainly making it one of the most importantsitcoms of all time. It's remarkable that seven shows followed All in the Family and belong to its universe. Until then, Lear created the character of Henry Jefferson, George's brother. WebThe Jeffersons is an American sitcom that was broadcast on CBS from January 18, 1975, through June 25, 1985, lasting 11 seasons and a total of 253 episodes. CreatorNorman Learwas just happy the Bunkers were on the air. Weve both mellowed. Sometimes the best, and most intelligent, TV shows never get a chance! Today were heading back to Manhattan, to revisit our favorite family, The Jeffersons. He also used it in a blackmail manner, usually requiring George to pay more in order to keep his mouth shut about something such as a stock tip. This article is about the 1981 sitcom. Sherman Hemsley even appeared in the premiere. Many spinoffs tend to set themselves up for comparison by using the same location as the original show. 1. The show was a spinoff from "All in the Family." [6][20][21] Cully, who had first appeared in the 1974 All in the Family episode "Lionel's Engagement", reprised her role. The influential sitcom was controversial when it first aired on 50 years ago on Jan. 12, 1971, and it went on to confront numerous issues that hadnt previously been portrayed on television. The series is bookended in a very creative way. As with Maude and Good Times , the main character of the new series was a maid on her previous series. We actually enjoy working together." As discussed by critic Robert E. Crafton, an insurance settlement allowed George to quit his job and launch his first dry-cleaning business, which in turn allowed the Jeffersons to move from Harlem to Queens (becoming Archie Bunker's neighbors in the process), and finally to make the move to Manhattan. Fame10 notes that executives worried depicting an interracial kiss would lead to violenceand, worse, to affiliate stations dropping the show. Situation comediesaka "sitcoms"aren't always noted for their complex writing and deeply-imagined characters. Tolbert became a regular guest star throughout the rest of the series. Groundbreaking and performed by some of the most talented actors and actresses of its time, The Jeffersons has remained a cultural touchstone for some very good reasons. Almost as well known, but less controversial was the Nov. 10, 1975, episode of Maude talking to her psychiatrist. Over the course of its 11-year run, the series was almost always one of the most-watched on television. The epithets nigger and honky were used occasionally, especially during the earlier seasons.[2][4]. Five is a lot, but its not a record. Actor Franklin Cover, who played Tom Willis, also heard about the cancellation while watching Entertainment Tonight. Other NEC graduates include John Amos, Richard Roundtree, Denzel Washington, and Angela Bassett. At least stories featuring Black people were being told, and Black actors were getting significant roles on TV. Mike Evans would leave The Jeffersons to work behind the camera for another show in the All in the Family family tree Good Times. [39], On August 27, 2013, it was announced that Mill Creek Entertainment had acquired the rights to various television series from the Sony Pictures library including The Jeffersons. WebIn 1975, George Jefferson was eager to move out of Queens. [1] In an episode of Tyler Perry's House of Payne in 2011, Sherman Hemsley and Marla Gibbs reprised their roles of George Jefferson and Florence Johnston. As Smithsonian Magazine notes, when Diahann Carroll debuted in 1968's Julia, portraying a Black woman working as a nurse and raising her son as a widow, it was controversial because it avoided any reference to the racial politics of the time and presented what many felt was a "white" character simply played by a Black actress. WebSynopsis. As noted by BET, The Jeffersons was a consistently high-rated showonly the second sitcom with a majority Black cast to land in the Top Five of the Nielsen Ratings, in fact. In response she showed a picture of her husband, Sy Kravitz, who was white. He had endured a tortured development process that included two pilots rejected by ABC and multiple recasts. Lear agreed to let OConnor continue the series without him, but under one condition: he couldnt call itAll In The Family. Michael J. In a reversal ofAll in the Family, Ernie is liberal while his son is quite conservative. The song was co-written by Ja'Net DuBois, who portrayed Willona on Norman Lear's other show, Good Times, and Jeff Barry. DuBois wanted to do more than just act, and when she approached Lear about branching out he suggested she write the theme song for his new show. According to The Washington Post, she'd been working for United Airlines for 11 years when she got the job on The Jeffersonsand she kept working there for two more years, not wanting to give up a good job for an acting role that might disappear at any moment. Also worth noting: in the fifth season, Janet Jackson joined the cast. The Jeffersons (19751984 253 episodes plus pilot on All In The Family) Unlike Arthur and Rolle, who were spun-off quickly, the Jeffersons were on All In The Family for five seasons before they got their own show. And in one episode when George is told a white worker should be referred to as a "custodian" he remarks that if he was black, he'd be called a "janitor.". WebThe Jeffersons had one spin-off, titled Checking In. Before the 1970s, there hadn't been any TV shows with majority Black casts in decades, and the Black characters that did appear on television were usually not particularly grounded in reality. But whatHappy Daysdidnt have were spin-offs of spin-offs. Gloria and Mike are no longer together, so Gloria and her son, Joey, leave California and go home to New York. Most television is ephemeral. Web3. The pilot even has the series signature catchphrase, God will get you for that, Walter, which Maude uses to express her displeasure with husband Walter (Bill Macy), owner of an appliance shop. The final spin-off of this world of Norman Lear shows is704 Hauser. WebThis spinoff from "All in the Family" is about literal upward mobility - African- American couple George and Louise Jefferson move into a swanky high-rise building. The Black experience wasn't portrayed muchor at allon television prior to the 1970s. Checking In was the first All in the Family spin-off series that was not successful, unlike The Jeffersons, Maude and Maude spin-off Good Times. Happy Daysalso had five spin-offs between 1976 and 1979. This show wasnt very successful, however. The show was a spinoff from "All in the Family." Edith and Gloria appeared occasionally at first, then Jean Stapleton wanted to make a clean break and Sally Struthers got her own show. The Jeffersons is an American sitcom television series that was broadcast on CBS from January 18, 1975, to July 2, 1985, lasting 11 seasons and a total of 253 episodes. George Jefferson was, in some ways, a black version of the white anti-hero Archie Bunker. [12] Isabel Sanford (Louise Jefferson), who heard about the cancellation through her cousin who read it in the tabloids, has publicly stated that she found the cancellation with no proper finale to be disrespectful on the network's part. The show was launched as the second (and longest running) spin-off of All in the Family, on which the Jeffersons had been the neighbors of Archie and Edith Bunker. Often, people calling in to book flights would tell her that her voice sounded familiar, and she'd just laugh it off. In his autobiography, Lear wrote that three members of the Black Panther Party came to his office at CBS, complaining about Good Times: Every time you see a Black man on the tube, he is dirt poor, wears shit clothes, cant afford nothing. Edith's death in the context of the spin-offmade Archie a widow, and though he missed Edith terribly, he continued on with his pub and focused on taking care of Edith's young relative, Stephanie Mills (Danielle Brisebois). Checking In, created by Mike Milligan and Jay Moriarty, only lasted for four episodes, one of the few Tandem/TAT sitcoms that wasnt a success. Hemsley was so good, show creator Norman Lear waited years to be able to hire him. And Louises brother-in-law Henry (Mel Stewart) appears for the first time in the last episode of season one. Sitcom following a successful African-American couple, George and Louise Weezy Jefferson as they move on up from working-class Queens to a ritzy Manhattan apartment. During the January 11, 1975 episode of All in the Family, titled "The Jeffersons Move Up", Edith Bunker gave a tearful good-bye to her neighbor Louise Jefferson as her husband George, their son Lionel, and she moved from a working-class section of Queens, New York, into the luxurious Colby East, a fictitious high-rise apartment complex on East 63rd Street in Manhattan. Mike Evans would leave The Jeffersons to work behind the camera for another show in the All in the Family family tree Good Times. It became Tandems longest running show, with 11 seasons. Lead actors Rolle and John Amos felt a huge responsibility for that. In the seventh-season finale episode of The Jeffersons, "Florence's New Job", the Jeffersons' maid, Florence Johnston (Marla Gibbs), accepted a job to become the executive housekeeper at the fictional St. Frederick Hotel in New York City. George Jefferson (Sherman Hemsley) doesnt make his debut until season four, because Hemsley was committed to the Broadway showPurlie. As with Maude and Good Times , the main character of the new series was a maid on her previous series. Even though it flopped,704 Hauserhas a special place in the heart of many Norman Lear fans. George Jefferson was, in some ways, a black version of the white anti-hero Archie Bunker. released season 7 on DVD in Region 1. [19] The Jeffersons premiered the following week, on January 18, 1975.[8]. The episode, the eighth of the series, centers on Louise, her son Lionel, and her husband George moving next door to Archie and Edith Bunker in the working-class section of Queens. They live in a public housing project and struggle to get by at times. [15], In 1985, Hemsley and Sanford made a special joint guest appearance in the Canale 5 comedy show Grand Hotel, starring the Italian actors Paolo Villaggio, the comic duo Franco & Ciccio, and Carmen Russo. The series also featured Danielle Brisebois as Stephanie, the young daughter of Ediths step-cousin who had moved in with the Bunkers in the final season of AITF. Brisebois had been a hit in Broadways Annie. (She later became an Oscar-nominated songwriter.). Rather than cast someone else, Lear decided to keep George offscreen until Hemsley was available. WebThe Jeffersons had one spin-off, titled Checking In. After 25 episodes, Lear had finally found someone who could go toe-to-toe withCarroll OConnors Archie. Sally Struthers was next to get her own show as Gloria Bunker Stivic, Archie and Edith's daughter. You would be, too, if your neighbor was Archie Bunker. Dont miss on getTV:Lionel Moves Into The Neighborhood(March 2, 1971) for Sanfords first appearance,Henrys Farewell(October 20, 1973) for Hemsleys debut,Lionels Engagement(February 9, 1974) for Mother Jeffersons (Zara Cully) and the Willis familys (played by different actors) first appearances, andThe Jeffersons Move Up(January 11, 1975) for the backdoor pilot. Members of the Black Panther Party set up a meeting with Lear to discuss Good Times. 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So when shows like Norman Lear's Good Times hit the airwaves in the early 1970s, it was seen as huge progress. Checking In premiered on CBS on April 9, 1981, and lasted for only four episodes in the Thursday, 8:00p.m. EST timeslot. The Jeffersons ended in controversy after CBS abruptly canceled the series without allowing for a proper series finale. [22] One episode featured George requesting Florence to insult him, in order to get to a prospective business partner who was fond of her wisecracks. [27] He was known for constantly stalling at the Jeffersons' door with his hand out waiting for a tip. Early seasons of the show used racial epithets for both Black and white characters fairly often, but as time went on Hemsley thought his character should be evolving and stop using expressions like "honky." Checking In is an American sitcom television series and a spin-off of The Jeffersons that aired for four episodes on CBS from April 9 to April 30, 1981. For further instructions click the link below to your TV model. George was introduced in the episode "Henry's Farewell", and Hemsley and Stewart share their only scene together in its final minutes. George owns a profitable dry-cleaning chain, so he and the family move to a nice apartment on the Upper East Side of New York City in a backdoor pilot onAll in the Family. The successful series ran for six seasons and, like its predecessor, dealt with some serious issues during its day. Lionel is the first Jefferson to be seen onAll in the Family, but his parents become an important part of the show, too. Norman Lear created the character of George Jefferson specifically for Hemsley. Almost as well known, but less controversial was the Nov. 10, 1975, episode of Maude talking to her psychiatrist. It was funny and entertaining. The cast was not informed until after the July 2, 1985, episode, "Red Robins"; actor Sherman Hemsley, who portrayed George Jefferson, said he learned that the show was canceled by reading it in the newspaper. Florence misunderstands and thinks an elderly salesman is coming on to her, but he's really trying to make a sales pitch.
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